The following is excerpted from a question answered by Sr. Kriyāvān Kriyāchārya Shivraj and compiled by Hamsāchārya Nikhil Yadav. Speaking of the nature of spiritual wealth, medieval Bhakti saint Mirabai has said “kharch na khootey, chor na lootey, din din badhat sawayo.” (Although it accumulates daily, it cannot be expended, nor can it be stolen

The following is a question/answer response given by Sr. Kriyāvān Kriyāchārya Shivraj. Question: Is group meditation necessary and how beneficial is it? In which stages of the Spiritual journey is it the most essential and beneficial? Answer: The spiritual faculties of concentration and meditation on the divine light, sound, and vibration are enhanced.  So are

  The purpose of Yoga, in general, and in this instance Kriya Yoga, in particular, we could say, is to comprehend ‘God’ in a final state called Samadhi. A God who is often said to be beyond comprehension! So how do we comprehend a God who is incomprehensible through the practice of Yoga? What seems