Shiva Sanjeevan Yoga


Shiva Sanjeevan Yoga 

(Yogic Rejuvenation & Spiritual Healing)

Shiva Sanjeevan Yoga offers Pranayama and Meditation techniques for Holistic Healing and Building Immunity and Resistance. The techniques are taught at the Shiva Sanjeevan Yoga course. To find out when the next course is happening, see our event schedule

The Science of Healing Through Pran

In the Indian yogic texts, Pran is described as ‘the breath of life’ or ‘life force energy’. It is the underlying fabric, the vibratory power which sustains life of all creation. Mahavatar Shiv Goraksha Babaji (Mahaguru Gorakshanath) has enlightened the ancient sages since time immemorial with the knowledge of this majestic undercurrent and the science of channeling its power primarily for spiritual evolution and the healing side effects thereby.

According to Yogic philosophy, body reflects the mind and the mind reflects the soul. Purification and alleviating suffering from these levels, and the exposition of the soul, will reflect on to the mind and emotion, which will further reflect on to the body. All Spiritual sciences and Ayurveda have identified that root cause of all disease sprouts at the subtler level of the astral, which later boil down to psychosomatic conditions (mental and emotional negativity) and then take the grossest form of physical ailments.

Only the Spiritual body (Anandamayi kosha), the transcendental or bliss body is not affected. Any thought and emotion even the most beautiful one, is prone to get positively or negatively inflicted.

When the thoughts and emotions from the lower levels of existence are driven up with the assistance of pranic energy and enter into the realms of this Spiritual body (Anandamayi kosha), they transform into pure awareness. And, this thoughtless state of awareness is the Niramaya state of existence, Niramaya means existence bereft of disease, decay, and death.

Original Source of All Healing Techniques

This is the scientific reality based on which all the healing techniques all over the world have been devised.
The perennial source of all the healing techniques is Mahaguru Gorakshanath’s Rasa~Siddhanth and Amanaska Yog. All popular modern healing techniques have been learnt and taken from these ancient Indian Yogic texts.

Inspired & influenced by the teachings of his father and SatGuru Yogiraj Siddhanath & after an in-depth study of MahaGuru ShivaGorakshanath’s Tarak Raj~Yoga, Rasa~Siddhanth & Amanaska~Yoga,
Sr. Kriyavan Kriyacharya Shivraj ji has developed ‘Shiva Sanjeevan Yoga’ which is the fruit of his 40 years of Intense Swadhyaya (Self-Study), Sanshodan (Research) and Dhyan~Dharana (Meditation). These techniques have been meticulously supervised, authenticated and approved by The Master Yogiraj Sat~Gurunath himself.

Come learn these authentic techniques which teach you how Pran takes the awareness from the level of ‘ego’, to the level of ‘no mind’ & how ‘no mind’ assists in eradicating the cause of disease itself.

These pranayama techniques shall prove most beneficial in the current World Pandemic Crisis of COVID-19. The techniques will assist in faster recuperation for the people recovering from the Virus and will play a vital role in building up the metabolic resistance and natural immunity to keep Corona away.


  • Transforms and uplifts your mental state in a matter of few minutes
  • Eliminates tension, stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Controls negative pattern of behavior and mood upheaval
  • Targets subconscious blockages
  • Induces deep sleeping patterns
  • Does systematic cleansing of Chakras of old saturated negativity and blockages
  • Builds Immunity and resistance power against disease
  • Assists in the cure and eradication of disease
  • Enhances and energizes pranic flow
  • Works as an antidote and precaution
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