The Sun, Our immediate Devata

The life of every creature on the planet ultimately dependent on the Sun, It is the primary source of nourishment, responsible for life itself. Similarly, It is our link to the divine source of knowledge via the cosmic entity of Prana. This is the universal life force that awakens us and evolves us to our divine indweller.
The technique of Pranic healing with Solar Energy connects the solar heart of the individual and the giver of this life-energy for our planet, the Sun. This is the spiritual absorption of Pranic healing light through the act of submerging oneself in the cosmic current that sustains the whole of creation. From the Astral body, the entire network of subtle nerves(Nadis) and physical nerves are fed with luminosity of Pranic light


Prana is described in the Indian Yogic texts and treatises as “the breath of life” or “life force energy”. It is the vibratory power that sustains us throughout our cycles of reincarnation, imparting life to all the different bodies we incarnate in. Knowledge of this majestic undercurrent and the Science of channeling its awesome power, for pranic-healing and advancement along the evolutionary path to enlightenment, is the most cherished undertaking, unlocking the inner mysteries of the soul and Divinity
Prana may be most effectively availed through the rays of our Sun since the highest concentration of Prana are found in the Sunlight. Prana is the life of oxygen, Just as photosynthesis occurs in plants, a Bioluminescence occurs in our bodies through the focused absorption of sunlight whereby we inhale and ingest the salubrious rays of the sun through the medulla oblongata called “the Mouth of the God”, and the third eye of Shiva, thereby rejuvenating ourselves

Siddhanath Surya Yoga – The Pranic-Healing with Solar Energy

Yogiraj siddhanath developed Surya Yoga, a dynamic osmosis of solar healing to bring ease and order into the daily life.
Pranic-healing with solar power is a purifying and rejuvenating practice in nature. When you absorb the radiant energy of the spiritual Sun, all toxins of the system are flushed out. Every cell in the body is permeated with life-giving Prana. All physical energies, such as heat, light, gravity, magnetism, and electricity are also Prana.
Prana works in a higher way, seeping into all mental blocks and tension spots trapped in one’s muscles, illuminating the entire system in a manner unknown to modern psychology and mainstream modern health. The Positive effects of Surya Kavach and Swashan Jwala Pranayama are self-evident.
These healthful patterns of breathing increase your memory recall, enhance concentration and build stamina. The will to achieve one’s goal and courage to cope up with the rough and tumble of daily life are the blessings of the radiant life-giving sun (Surya). When the breath-of-fire breath is done with Ham-Sa, it opens new vistas in the brain necessary for one’s spiritual evolution.

Other Benefits of Siddhanath Surya Yoga

Stress Related Illness

The most direct and immediate effect of Surya Yoga is that it relieves stress. Stress is the greatest killer know to humanity, the leading cause of aging and premature death, causing and contributing to the proliferation of diseases such as cancer, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, and allergies.
The purifying effect of Prana in the body cells provides instant relief from stress and likewise forestalls and eliminates the risk of such diseases.

Physical Pain and Injuries

The healing effect of Prana are not only psychic, they are also physical, healing pains such as migraines, ulcers, back pain, arthritis, and bodily injuries. To assist in the healing of bone injuries, strained or scarred tissues, muscles, ligaments, tendons etc., oil may be applied to the injured area during and after the practice.
The application of oil holds the Pranic energy in the injured area for a longer duration of time.

Psychotic Disorders and Anxiety

The advantage of Surya Yoga is that it is intelligent and has the natural capability to balance the subtle currents of the brain even without knowledge as to where a problem lies, This balancing of the mind and illumination of atrophied or blocked portions of the brain is the best medicine for mental illness, treating the cause of the disease rather than the allopathic method of treating the effect.
Aside from Elimination of tension, stress, anxiety and depression, the regular practice of Surya Yoga can and will assist in the cure of variety of psychotic disorders

Extra Sensory Capabilities

With regular practice, Surya Yoga opens up new extra sensory capabilities of the mind, heightening intuition, perception, clairvoyance, clairaudience, visionary and out of body experience, and other forms of extra sensory perception, Even the subtle energies, astral auras and so forth, will become visible as colored light.

Balance of Three Humors, Doshas

Surya Yoga balances and tunes the three Ayurvedic humors of the body: Phlegm, Bile and Wind(Kapha, Pitta, and Vatta). In particular, Surya Yoga is effective for raising one’s digestive fire and metabolism and reduction of phlegm in the lymphatic system, a natural effect of the Swashan-Jwala, the “breath-of-fire" technique

Elimination of Laziness, Fatigue and Sleep

The most immediate effect of Surya Yoga is the sudden jolt of energy it provides, this is the reason why many practitioners switch from coffee to sunlight absorption. Pranic-healing with Solar energy is one of the simplest means of keeping the mind and body active and alert throughout the day without any side-effects.
If laziness or fatigue is the problem, Surya Yoga is the cure. In advanced stages of Surya Yoga, the need for sleep also gradually decreases